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Month: January 2019

Learning And Perfecting The Basics

Learning And Perfecting The Basics Golf is the one game that bridges perfectly the gap between the corporate world and the sports world. Loved by both the business and sports community alike, this great game has really become quite popular. If you desire for whatever reason , business or sports, to learn how to play […]

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Important Things You Need To Know In Golf

Important Things You Need To Know In Golf Every sport has its important stuff that must be understood to be able to perform well in it. Golf is no exception. There are certain important things in golf that you need to familiarize yourself well with and understand to be able to understand the game and […]

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Guide to Golfing for Seniors

The ONLY Swing Designed Specifically For Senior Golfers Guide to Golfing for Seniors Are you above 50 years old? Do you stop playing golf because you fear injury? If you still want to play, you may need to make some adjustments on how you grip your golf club. This is to ensure that you will […]

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Succeeding At Golf

Succeeding At Golf The game of golf is a beautiful game and like in any other game succeeding at golf demands certain things of the golfer. Determination Any successful golfer will tell you that one of the secrets of success is to be fiercely determined. Determination is crucial to success in any endeavor in life […]

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Guide to Golf Swing

Guide to Golf Swing Many golf beginners drop their hut and surrender because they experience frustrations in the execution of their swing. This should not happen because swing is doable for every one even for kids and seniors. The most common mistake of beginning golfers is that they try to give as much strength they […]

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Buying Those First Golf Clubs

Buying Those First Golf Clubs When beginner golfers go to their local sports store to purchase the clubs they need to kick it off on the golf course they sometimes aren’t exactly sure what to buy. There are so many different things to choose from. There are the expensive ones, the cheap ones, the most […]

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