Keep Your Eye On The Ball...

 Keep Your Eye On The Ball...
I well remember doing my PhD by day and stoking the fires of my Internet business by night.
 Sometimes lab work involved long hours...the cells that grew in the bottles didn't know, or care, whether it was a work day or the middle of my weekend. If an experiment needed doing, it had to be done.
Nowadays my situation is different...the PhD is done, but I have other distractions. I have things like "month end" where I pay all my associates for the sales they made in the preceding month (I have well over 3,000 associates!).
I also have daily customer service from four products, as well as non-Internet events such as being "Best Man" at my friends wedding later this month, and I'm in the throes of buying a house.
The point want to make is that this week I really wanted to create some banners, text ads and ezine ads for Yahoo Exposed and offer them to my affiliates. It took me much longer than I'd anticipated to get everything together, but there was no way I was going to let this project defeat me.
In the end, I sent an email to my associates at about 10.30PM one evening last week.
And I felt better.
I'm sure you have distractions...some bigger than others. But as long as you keep your eye on the ball, you'll be sure to succeed in the long run.
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